Nicole Talarico


Nicole Talarico,

Early Learning Consultant

As the Principal Facilitator at TALARICO CONSULTING, Nicole specialises in all areas of relevance to the field of early childhood, from her active involvement in the sector for over 20 years.Best known as an advocate for professionalism and childrens rights, Nicole has worked in many roles in the early childhood sector, inclusive of local government children’s services teams, & management of a childcare field officer team before an early childhood consultant and trainer at Gowrie Victoria. 

Nicole is personable, knowledgeable & specialises in exceeding service delivery; helping teams to create & maintain a positive workplace culture & community engagement.

Nicole assists services with governance, administrative systems, decision making & change management to align with professional standards.  Nicole’s coaching strategies have been outlined in a range of early childhood sector publications with particular reference to educational leadership, managing teams to value ethical decision making in curriculums, environmental education & sustainability.

Nicole delivers presentations at conferences nationwide, & is often a key presenter in professional learning calendars & local government professional development programs.Nicole is a valued & respected member of many sector network groups & has a prominent presence on social media & virtual communication platforms.

Nicole can customise your professional development. She is passionate and insightful with extensive expertise in guiding educators in the following;

Early Years Learning Frameworks - National & State connections

High Quality Service Provision - Quality Compliance & NQS

Advocacy & Inclusive Curriculums -Children’s Rights: Social, Ethical, & Political

Child Safe Organisations - Commitment to Child

Protection, Reporting, National & State Standards & Principles, Reportable Conduct

Code of Ethics & UN Convention Rights Child - Foundations for Excellence

Philosophy Redevelopment - Evolving & Contextual  

Quality Improvement Planning (QIP) -Exceeding Themes & QR&A
Professional Memorandum for Mock Assessment
Environmental Action Plans  - Sustainability Education & Essential Environmental Activism
Team Building & Wellbeing- There is an I in Team
Re conceptualisation –Indoor & Outdoor Redevelopment

Aesthetically Pleasing Environments -Rigorous Learning; provocations to stimulate minds

Educational Leadership - Empowerment in this Role 

Critical Reflection & Change Management

Sector Insight & Action Research

Strategic Planning; Designing & Reviewing Policies, Practices & Procedures

Team Building- Recruitment & Appraisals

Building & Planning Consultation (new developments & existing service renovations)

Collaborative Partnerships & Community Connections

Nature Pedagogy - More than Gum nuts on a Shelf

A Strong Image of the Child in Teaching & Learning-Notice, Wonder & Consider with Children

Agency through Routines & Transitions

Social Justice- Robust Discussions & Ethical Decision Making 

Professional Profiling - Educator Roles & Responsibilities

Professional Integrity- Thoughtful & Intentional Pedagogy

Documentation showcasing the thinking in our environments

Practice unique to the Australian Context & International Curriculums

Health & Safety, Emergency Management, First Aid & Environmental Solutions 

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